If it magnifies the use benefits, then experiential design is able to trigger a sustainable motivation.

Biofeed & engage

Our creations and developed projects are based on scientific research. We collaborate with a dynamic, international network of researchers and experts in the fields of neuroscience, medicine, and social sciences.
Our experiential designs invite the user to become deeply aware of their own biometric, contextual, and environmental data.
Real-time biofeedback is simultaneously the interface, controller, and active component of our connected digital self-care products.

We are makers

We design and produce connected objects and wearable electronic systems. Our design thinking methods enable us to quickly iterate electronic design, 3D modeling, functional prototyping, and user testing.
Our industrial engineering team then takes the lead in optimizing the serial product with our partners and subcontractors.
Owing to our expertise, we’re able to design and produce tangible connected experiences that fulfill identified needs in an empathetic way.

Motivation Triggers

Our benevolent efforts aim to expand positive interactivity that promotes active self-awareness and environmental awareness.

Our applications are designed to generate sustained motivations.

We engage users through aesthetically rich multimedia experiences and gamification.

The experiences we offer are WYSIWYA entertrainment – what you see is what you are.