Olivier Janin quoted in HBR

Olivier Janin cité dans le Harvard Business Review - NEOTROPE

Olivier Janin is quoted in this HBR (Harvard Business Review) article dedicated to the technologies ” Wearables ” within the framework of the work. Indeed, with Ubisoft, Olivier Janin tested the deployment of O.zen in a company in the United States. Extract:

« A fundamental question is whether these tools can support broad organizational objectives without eroding privacy. Recent tests conducted by the French video game publisher Ubisoft suggest a workable blueprint. The firm developed a finger-clamp sensor that measures levels of stress. Because the device is linked to a gaming interface, it addresses “a serious issue in a nonthreatening, fun way,” says its developer, Olivier Janin. Users can view their stats privately (bosses can’t access an individual’s data) and can see aggregated user results; they can also opt out, anony- mously, at any time. The recorded stress levels for one group dropped more than 50% during the course of the test period. »

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