Affect Tag is a physiological capture solution and emotions analyzer. Developed with research laboratories, the smart-band guarantees a simple and mobile engagement measure of the consumer. The visualization tool on your tablet allows a real time tracking of the metrics and the analysis software eases a quick and efficient translation of the consumer’s feelings about it’s experience.



The Affect Tag system includes a lightweight nomad smart-band able to measure the physiological metrics of the user, his heart rate and galvanic skin response. Instense emotions are tagged and the user can express his feedback.



The Affect Tag Manager software is monitoring in real time the user metrics on an iPad. It is a lightweight tool for emotionnal testing.



Affect Tag Cloud locks up and ananlyses physiological data with it’s build-in machine learning



Affect Tag Analyzer is a precise software made for emotional activity analysis of the user during the key moments of the experience. Post-test, video visualisation is synchronised with physiological signals. The user-friendly tools help the comparison between the design intentions and the emotionnal reactions mesured. Statistic tools offer multi-user indicators

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