With O.zen, well-being is as simple as breathing

O.zen is a fun personal health regimen designed to help you breathe better and reconnect with yourself.
Between 2009 and 2015, Ubisoft commissioned Neotrope to produce the application, along with its wearable heart rate sensor and cloud computing system.
To that end, Neotrope and Ubisoft built a team committed to high added value within creative fields (Sebastien Kochman, Air, and Rolito, among others), science and medicine (Cognitive and Affective Sciences Laboratory – University of Lille and CNRS, Dr. Frederic Kochman, PhD), as well as technical and industrial sciences (MindMedia).
After approving O.zen’s desirability, reliability, and viability, Ubisoft announced a commercial launch set for October, 15, 2015.

For more information, visit the official Ubisoft O.zen website..

Ubisoft O.zen – experiencing self-care biofeedback

Through a playful design, the user engages for the sake of play, and the app elicits interaction while rewarding self-benevolence, showing the user what benefits they’ve gained in terms of progress and enhancement.
O.zen offers 1- to 5-minute context-based breathing activities, training exercises, games and challenges, social support uses, progression, and customized programs.
Neotrope has collaborated with Ubisoft to create a mobile solution for enhanced well-being that gives the user an experience of thoughtful introspection. The aesthetics, interactivity, and gameplay come together in real time to expand on biometric data in a novel way. And your breathing is the controller.

The O.zen sensor: a wearable HR sensor that’s precise and reliable

The wearable heart rate sensor developed for Ubisoft O.zen works by detecting photopletysmographic signals (PPG or infrared capture).
With the algorithms we’ve developed, signal processing allows for HRV (heart rate variation) to be displayedin real time.
The biofeedback system is reactive, thus providing the user with unparalleled interactive control over their own physiology.

The O.zen sensor – practical, robust, and accessible

Designed for on-demand use, the sensor is paired with the user’s finger. And no need to worry about battery power thanks to the flat fiber-optic cable, which you can use to charge the sensor from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

The technologies used to develop it—originating from the medical field—are embedded in an industrial sensor design that reflects the product’s mainstream positioning, also consistent with the developed brand and IP.

Hundreds of hours of testing carried out under various conditions have ensured continuous optimization from its electronic architecture and components to the finished product itself. This rigorous testing phase resulted in a cost-effective roll-out of the sensor, coupled with an SRP that corresponds to the product’s value proposition.

Innovation, R&D, Testing, and Improvement

Neotrope led and orchestrated the R&D and mass production of the sensor with a network of partners and subcontractors in France, the Netherlands, Canada, and China.

Implementing the testing plan with Ubisoft’s international teams presented the opportunity to deploy a cloud strategy and achieve iterative goals through the experiences of hundreds of people across several continents.

Images : Nicolas Baumgartner / Souffl for Ubisoft

Our skills on this project

  • Executive Production
  • Design Production
  • Electronic R&D
  • Mobile App Developpement
  • Gamification, Sciences & Medicine
  • Industrial Engineering

Our partners

  • Ubisoft partenaire de Neotrope
  • Guillemot - NEOTROPE
  • Mind Media - NEOTROPE
  • Scalab partenaire Neotrope