The Wall Street Journal tests O.zen

Olivier Janin paraît dans The Wall Street Journal

On the occasion of the E3 video game exhibition, The Wall street Journal returns on the potential of the ” Innergy ” (code name of “O.zen”) application to fight the stress in a company.

The Wall Street Journal was given a chance to demo an early version of Ubisoft’s game on its show floor on Tuesday. In a quick play mode, I was seated in a comfortable chair in front of laptop computer with the mouse in my right hand and the Innergy Sensor on my left index finger. Ubisoft says the sensor measures heart rate, blood flow and pulse.Despite the stress of covering the conference, my resting heart rate was 63, which Producer Olivier Janin and Director Sebastian Kochman told me was “pretty good”.

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Olivier Janin paraît dans The Wall Street Journal
Olivier Janin appears in The Wall Street Journal.