Ubisoft O.zen (ex-Innergy) quoted in The Guardian

Ubisoft O.zen (ex-Innergy) paraît dans The Guardian

The journalist Keith Stuart, whose fields of expertise are the technology, the video games and the digital delivers his criticism on Ubisoft O.zen ( ex–Innergy) in The Guardian:

« Ubisoft O.zen appears to be a deep breathing simulator, which comes complete an energy sensor that clips on the user’s finger and monitors the pulse rate. The action involves guiding a bubble through a wavy rainbow landscape, by breathing in a controlled, relaxed manner. The visuals are hugely reminiscent of titles like Loco Roco and Katamari, and proved rather hypnotic in their own right. It’s all about relaxation, and Francois claims that the impact on blood pressure of these exercises has the same impact on blood pressure as loosing 20 pounds. »

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