The seeds of this challenging new millennium were planted in the 20th century, when continuous growth and progress came to shape humankind’s freedoms and crises alike.

Through conquest, our blossoming species has also thrived on the unbridled cultivation of our own planet.

The information revolution, strongly linked to the development of science and technology, has enabled us to measure and understand environmental impact for the last 40 years.

Humankind i.O will be positive

Designing and modeling positive new solutions for an optimized glocal community – Neotrope invests in innovation by making sense of interconnected data streams.

We apply our vision to develop technical solutions and connected services that benefit the individual, whether in their social, cultural, or natural environment.

The combination of advances in computing, cheaper electronics, and the rising number of smartphone users has had a revolutionary impact on data access. Big data, previously the domain of scientific or medical studies, will now be at everyone’s fingertips.

This is what Dr. Eric Topol calls the “Creative Destruction of Medicine”. But what of the future of our digital health? For science and medicine, it signals a paradigm shift that affects their models for research, recovery, prevention, and treatment. The data mining process puts the user at the forefront.

Internet Of Things, Internet of Humans, Internet of Nature

We strive to develop Open Innovation products in collaboration with both researchers and practitioners. And we believe in the virtuous loop that binds us to scientific research and progress.

Field applications of our sensors and apps generate considerable data for the user. We facilitate smart crowdsourcing efforts to bring data to research programs involved in bettering humanity and the environment.

For the first time in human history, we have the capacity to equip every individual with their own non-invasive personal tracking system. The human race becomes augmented, armed with a smartphone and an array of wearables, quantified-self sensors, and nanobots.

The convergence of biotechnology, nanotechnology, computing, and cognitive science has paved the way for the complete digitization of life, to the very core of our individuality.

To realize your true self, augment yourself

Know thyself” – the positive approach of technology-based human augmentation makes it possible to fully understand one’s true potential. It also facilitates such practices as self-care healing and the preventive method of enhanced well-being.

Our vision is one of “happy technology”, technology that promotes active self-awareness.
We believe in playfulness, joyful interactive experiences conducive to emotional and cognitive development, empathy and social harmony, and civic awareness.

Biofeedback allows an individual to be conscious of their own physiology, biology, and natural functioning. It offers motivational control, creating an experience of psycho-neuro-immunological free will.

Data is stored in the form of emotions, and the experience bolsters empowerment and self-direction, while also promoting sharing and socialization.